If you’d like to give something to our Titlis, please Get Involved… Its a wonderful Feeling…

Some suggestions for helping are:

  • Sign up for some time to come and teach them a skill – You’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself.
  • Fund singing classes for them (a real privilege for these students) – Rs 36,000/ year
  • Sponsor a healthy meal for 250 students – Rs 7,500/- approximately
  • Donate stationery for the students like colouring pencils, pencil boxes etc.
  • Sponsor some sporting equipment for the students – Rs 68,000/- approximately
  • Sponsor music equipment for them – Rs 25,000/- approximately

Rest assured that for all monetary contributions, we always give a receipt. Not a single rupee donated is used for any administrative purpose at all. We use every single rupee for the students – for whom the donation was made.

When donating goods, please keep in mind that we have 250 students and donate accordingly to make each one feel special.

If you or your company is willing and able to help our Titlis in any way, please do pick up the phone and contact us on +91 9631 252 241.

Any contributions made can be claimed as a “tax-free donation” and can be made via checks favoring ‘Prarambhika Educational Trust’ in India, a tax-exempt I-80-G charitable trust, or in U.S. by making a check payable to “Prarambhika Educational Trust”, a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization.