The Origin of Prarambhika

Our Philosophy

every child has a right to learn with joy and confidence

. . . all children have varying capabilities

. . . children learn more through integrated education than mere syllabi oriented teaching

. . . children learn more from facilitative teaching than testing

. . . children seek diverse platforms for creative expressions

. . . every parent and every child has the right to meaningful education

Our History

Prarambhika was founded on 15th July, 1980, by Mrs Ranjana Chowdhary on the principle that every child has a keen and sharp ability to learn. Also, learning should add to the over-all development of the student. While academic knowledge is essential and revered, it is not the complete picture. It has to be backed by a confident personality, a good character and intelligent thought. School should be a safe and fun place for the students and teachers. Prarambhika should be a place where each students feels happy, welcome, challenged and satisfied at the end of the day.

Prarambhika is be a place where students get knowledge and they learn to synthesise, analyse, apply and evaluate this knowledge being given to them. It is about sports and drama, and quizzes and plays and music and dance and any other skills the student want to try.

  • The curriculum at Prarambhika is guided by the principle of integrated education and it also learns from progressive international practices in school education.
  • Prarambhika has evolved from the collective conviction of the Core Team members about children, their learning experiences and what adults can provide for them.
  • We believe that there is much more to education than merely teaching a syllabus and preparing children for examinations.
  • The respective Core Team members have been involved with complimentary aspects of innovative school education for the last several years.
  • Prarambhika is affiliated to the CBSE Board, New Delhi.

The school is led and guided by a Core Team of two members: Mrs. Ranjana Chowdhary and Mr. Sumit Prakash