Mr. Sumit Prakash


B.A. (Eco. Hons.) Delhi Univeristy, Diploma in Advertising and Marketing (Xaviers Institute of Communications, Mumbai),

MBA (Marketing and Process Improvement), Melbourne, Australia and Green Belt in Six Sigma.

Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities.

For most children schooling is about being leashed, not unleashed. About fearing failure, not pursuing success. About rote learning, not deep understanding. About routine and boredom, not excitement and fun. About isolation from community, not engagement with it.

Prarambhika has chosen the path of educating our students, as opposed to just schooling them.

I’m satisfied that the schools did not get bogged down by the pressures of the so called system; the team continually and consistently put effort into making learning experiences real and meaningful for children. The schools focused tremendous energy on moving away from didactic classrooms to a more dialogic and participative pedagogy.

Inter-disciplinary themes, projects and expeditions have now become an integral part of the curriculum. Assessments are more humane, comprehensive and in no way judgmental. The students are happy coming to school, engage well in classrooms and feel free to speak their mind. The entire community is curious and hungry to learn and grow. I am satisfied with the way our students are shaping up; the way they are rising to their potential and most importantly in their authenticity. In the environment of love and acceptance and in the absence of fear, the students have grown up to become their genuine selves.

I am also restless still as I seek answers to the many challenges that face us and the many opportunities we have still not pursued. I am particularly concerned with the lack of concrete experiences in the senior school. While great schools around the world are building a culture of internship for senior students, we have not yet started our journey in this direction.​

Sumit Prakash